Battery Life Saver BLS-24N Desulfator 24 volt 24v Deep Cycle, GEL, AGM Rejuvenat

Battery Life Saver BLS-24N Desulfator 24 volt 24v Deep Cycle, GEL, AGM Rejuvenat
Battery Life Saver BLS-24N Desulfator 24 volt 24v Deep Cycle, GEL, AGM Rejuvenat
Battery Life Saver BLS-24N Desulfator 24 volt 24v Deep Cycle, GEL, AGM Rejuvenat

Battery Life Saver BLS-24N Desulfator 24 volt 24v Deep Cycle, GEL, AGM Rejuvenat

Battery Life Saver BLS-24N for 24 volt lead/acid battery banks. 3/8 eye rings for attachment. Includes low voltage cutoff switch.

This version is best suited for prolonging the live of new or newer batteries. For poor or dead batteries use the BLS-12/24B or BLS-12/24C model. Double or triple the life of your lead acid batteries.

Trolling motor or RV batteries are too expensive to replace every few years. Use the Battery Life Saver to make every battery (new or old) last longer.

Why you need a Battery Life Saver. 80% of lead acid batteries fail prematurely because of the buildup of lead sulfate crystals on the battery plates. This buildup causes the battery to become unusable at approximately one-third of its natural life. The Battery Life Saver electronic desulfator dissolves this buildup, keeping the batteries in an optimal condition and can rejuvenate dead batteries to a like new condition. Can extend battery life two to three times by removing and preventing the accumulation of lead sulfate crystals using patented square sine technology.

Maintains new batteries in optimal condition. Restores power and performance to any electric motorized vehicle. From golf carts to trolling motors, you'll regain lost performance. Batteries last longer between charges. Restores or maintains original distance traveled.

No more running out of juice after just 9 holes or a few spins around the lake. Install it and forget it. Spend less time adding water to you golf cart batteries. What is it and how it works. The Battery Life Saver brings old batteries back to life, restores functioning batteries to a like new condition, and keeps batteries from losing capacity and life due to the main cause of battery failure: the buildup of lead sulfate.

When the battery is recharged, a small amount of lead sulfate maintains its sulfate configuration (sulfate crystal). The BLS sends a radio signal through the battery, targeting the lead sulfate crystals (even those that could not be dissolved by recharging), converting them back into lead and sulfuric acid. Because of the square wave technology, the BLS excites the broadest spectrum crystal frequencies possible. This is your assurance that the BLS will effectively maximize your battery performance. The BLS action gradually restores the battery back to its original condition and allows the electrical charge to be drawn from the battery.

How do you use it. The Battery Life Saver can be used in Several Different Ways. To restore an old or barely usable battery, connect The Battery Life Saver electronic desulfator to the battery or battery system, along with your battery charger. Model BLS-12/24C is recommended for reviving this type of battery.

A 6 10 amp charger works best. The Battery Life Saver electronic desulfator is powered by the battery and only two wires need to be connected. Allow the battery to charge until the specific gravity reaches between 1.250 and 1.300.

This would be equivalent to a new battery. If you dont have a hydrometer to measure specific gravity, you can check the voltage while the battery charger is on. If the voltage is over 15 volts, the battery is fully rejuvenated. This process takes from 24 hours to as much as 2 weeks for a badly sulfated dead battery. To accelerate the de-sulfating process, turn the battery charger off if the battery voltage is at least 11.5 volts.

Leave The Battery Life Saver electronic desulfator connected and allow it to run by itself for 12 hours. Then turn the battery charger on and allow it to run for 12 hours with the battery charger on. Do this alternately until the specific gravity is within range. To maintain working batteries, (Model BLS-24N is recommended for this type of battery). Install The Battery Life Saver electronic desulfator on the battery or bank of batteries.

Just connect it and forget it. It rejuvenates the batteries while the system is operating. This causes more power to be available from the battery and causes less power to be needed to charge the battery.

This is the best way to extend the life of your batteries. Its like having a brand new battery every time you start your vehicle.

The Battery Life Saver electronic desulfator is not a toy made of plastic! It is made of durable corrosion resistant anodized aluminum. It will not break if dropped or hit. The electronics are encapsulated for weather proof protection and durability. Why is the Battery Life Saver better than other brands? Electronic and chemical desulfators have been on the market for years. How is the BLS different?

The biggest difference is the BLSs ability to target the whole range of sulfates that accumulate on the lead plates. Electronic desulfators (commonly known as pulsers) send a high amount of voltage for a short period of time throughout the battery to knock down the crystals (similar to overcharging). They are unable to dissolve all the different types of sulfates. You can get some initial apparent improvement but the continued use of the other desulfators that knock down crystals cause two negative effects on the battery. If you continue to use the pulser, the crystals will continue to accumulate at the bottom of the battery which can eventually cause a short cell.

The plates will become thinner and the sulfuric acid will become weaker because any lead sulfate that falls to the bottom of the battery cannot be recovered. The Battery Life Saver electronic desulfator dissolves the lead sulfate crystals that are covering the plates, converting them back into the original elements. It rejuvenates the sulfuric acid solution as well as the lead plates. The effectiveness of a desulfator is a function of its power output and the ability to stimulate a broad spectrum of frequencies. The Battery Life Saver electronic desulfator has fins for cooling because the electronics need the cooling fins to handle its high power output. No other desulfator puts out this much power. If you see a similar device housed in a plastic box, be advised that it cannot possibly be powerful enough to be effective. Many people think this is too good to be true, but it is patent proven science that works in real life, not just in a lab.

Battery Solutions & Innovations, Inc. The maker of the Battery Life Saver, was awarded US Patent #7374839. This technology has been around for years, but Battery Life Saver's breakthrough square wave technology boosted desulfating technology to a new level. You have nothing to loose by trying.

This is a quality product built to last. We are honest and tell you right here, the Battery Life Saver will not NOT fix a battery with a SHORT or OPEN cell.

If you have a short or open cell, you need a new battery. Of course you'll want to put a Battery Life Saver on it right away to maximize the life of your new battery. The item "Battery Life Saver BLS-24N Desulfator 24 volt 24v Deep Cycle, GEL, AGM Rejuvenat" is in sale since Thursday, January 25, 2018. This item is in the category "Consumer Electronics\Vehicle Electronics & GPS\Other Vehicle Electronics".

The seller is "biigmoe" and is located in Clearwater, Florida. This item can be shipped worldwide.

Battery Life Saver BLS-24N Desulfator 24 volt 24v Deep Cycle, GEL, AGM Rejuvenat

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